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    'Politi's powder' worked twice for me!

    After the first support treatment with Chinese Medicinal Herbs, 4 embryos implanted after years of t ...

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    By Mira M.


    I am very glad I found your website. We have been trying to have a family for 8 years now. Initially ...

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    By D.M.

    Thank You IVFHS

    Thank you IVF Herbs for helping this little guy grow healthy in my womb!!! Your herbs helped my drea ...

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    By Paige Andree Mountford- Johnston

    Dear Eyal

    Dear Eyal. Our daughter was born 10 months ago thanks to your formulas and the help of professor Ze ...

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    By Ilanit

    Eyal hello

    " I would like to tell you that exactly after 3 months of using the herbal powder that compounded fo ...

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    By Hinna

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    Customer Testimonials

    Testimonial by: D.M. of Canada

    Date added: 03/30/2012

    Title: Testimonial

    I am very glad I found your website. We have been trying to have a family for 8 years now. Initially I had no problems becoming pregnant but I miscarried every pregnancy. After the second miscarriage my ob/gyn ran tests and said there was nothing wrong. It took longer to get pregnant the next time and I lost it right away. I was sent for IVF - while waiting I got pregnant several more times and lost all of them. But it took several months to get pregnant each time. We have tried 3 rounds of IVF and although each one seemed to go well and I got pregnant I miscarried early. I have not gotten pregnant naturally for at least 3 years now. My fertility specialist says I have old eggs (I am now 45) and is encouraging us to use donor eggs. We wanted to try one more time. But I wanted to address the 'old egg' issue. I found your website and started taking the FHS herbal support. After taking it for 5 months we got pregnant naturally, the month before we were to start IVF. Unfortunately I have lost that pregnancy too. But getting pregnant naturally after 3 or 4 years gives me some hope that our next round of IVF will be successful. I fully believe that the only reason we were able to get pregnant was because of the herbal supplements from Dr. Politi. My cycles have gotten much better in every way possible, including my general health and energy level, and returned fertility is very promising. I see my own Dr. TCM and consulted her about what herbs to take after becoming pregnant. She told me not to take the ones she usually prescribes and to take the ones from Dr. Politi as they obviously work better for me. According to her diagnosis I was in better health since starting them too. I hope that fertility clinics around the world will hear of and start to work with Dr. Politi especially for us older patients and start us on these herbs early so we are not wasting time on lost cycles.

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